Rate Limits

The awork API limits the number of requests external API clients can make to a workspace. These limits depend on the plan of the workspace. The limits are shared by all external client applications across the workspace.



1000/minute, 500/second


3000/minute, 500/second

Other limits can apply to certain endpoints or can be introduced temporarily to provide a reliable service quality.

The API responds with 429 Too Many Requests when the limit has been reached. The response also contains headers that explain the rate limit, including the time until the limit resets, in seconds (RateLimit-Reset).

RateLimit-Limit: 500
RateLimit-Remaining: 499
RateLimit-Reset: 47
X-RateLimit-Limit-Second: 500
X-RateLimit-Remaining-Second: 499
X-RateLimit-Limit-Minute: 1000
X-RateLimit-Remaining-Minute: 999

We recommend developers of client applications to read these header values and use a back-off time to fail gracefully and wait for the limit to reset to continue making requests.

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